Buenos Aires War Game

I always wanted to create a board game like Risk but instead of using the whole world, only in the City of Buenos Aires.

Juego Guerra Uno

I started by creating a diagram of the game, originally a paper with the city organizing all the different neightbourhoods to make enough room for the tokens.

With the help of a graphic designer, I was able to create a classic Buenos Aires theme to show a little of the city and the culture. A little of the La Plata river and the flag in the background completed this idea.

Juego Guerra Dos

The game rules are the ones you want, maybe using the same as Risk? Creating your own?

The general idea is that the colors are the different continents and you can jump from one color to the next by using the bridges. There are some dotted lines that you shouldn’t be crossing, but I will leave that to your own imagination!

Juego Guerra Tres

Here is the download link:

Juego Guerra Buenos Aires

To play it, first of all you need to print the board. I prefer printing it in 4 parts and make it foldable. There are a lot of tutorials on Youtube explaining how to do this.

Here are the cards for every neightbourhood, hope you like them!


You can write your own missions on paper and start playing, the only missing thing are the dices and tokens.. but you can borrow that from another game :)

If you like the game and you want to help the children, you can donate to Fundación Garrahan.


NOTE: I don’t work for Garrahan Fundation and I don’t have any association at all with them. I am only suggesting it as a good cause to help.