MuLiFS - Music Library File System


Legend says that in a distant past, people used to rip their music CDs and store their songs in their computers… they were using MP3s and throwing all those files into common folders where it was impossible to find them again…

Well, maybe you were a little more organized than me, but basically I had my own music library in my computer too!

At that time, there was this big hype about GoLang (I am going to write it like that because otherwise is impossible to find in Google.. xD) and I wanted to learn what was all the fuss about.

After taking a quick look, I found that Ken Thompson was behind this new programming language, now I want to learn about this!

So, to work on a real project I decided to start writing a FuSe filesystem that would organize my music library in Go. The idea is to base the filesystem on the Tags that you can find on the MP3 files.

MP3 files use ID3 tags to define metadata about the songs such as Artist, Album, and song name. This way I could create a hierarchy of files organized using this tags.

This is how MuLiFS was born. Now is not as useful as it once was, but if you want to take a look on how it works you are welcome to visit the Repo: